If you want a souvenir of the Basque capital , come Guereñu Gifts.

With two stores in the city center offers its clients both as souvenirs.Ambas gifts shops offer a wide range of products Kukuxumusu , noting especially their t-shirts, many with Vitoria and Basque issues.

The world of the Fournier Playing Cards Heraclius is one of our strengths. The shop opposite the Fournier Museum of Playing Cards ( BIBAT ) specializes in the letters , taking decks of collection , children , the casinos ...

Also the Silver Basque theme occupies an important space along with the souvenirs of our city.

Specialists in the preparation and sale of cribs . Exclusive and crafts created by the best companies such as : Serrano Crafts & Cribs Italians . From mid-November until Christmas our Loma General Store puts all his enthusiasm and experience in the preparation of an exhibition of these unique cribs. Our customers can view a variety of parts and materials to assemble a very special nativity.


Plaza General Loma, 5 - Tel.: 945 134 673 / Cuchillería, 41 - Tel.: 945 260 033 - VITORIA-GASTEIZ - mikel.guerenu@gmail.com